• Mission Statement
The Beacon Day Nursery Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a friendly local day nursery where everyone feels welcome and included. We aim to provide families with high quality flexible care and education whilst embracing the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We believe that a homely atmosphere is very important and aim to provide a safe and caring environment where all children can feel happy and relaxed and develop to their full potential.

The diversity of all families, communities and individuals are all valued at The Beacon Day Nursery. We are committed to providing equal opportunities for all children.

Aims and Objectives

Our aims and objectives set out the ways in which we will meet our mission to provide friendly, inclusive, high quality care and education for all children and their families.

Care, Learning and Play

We work within the Statutory Framework and Practice Guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We will build secure attachments and support emotional development through loving relationships. We will meet the needs of all children by ensuring parents wishes are followed, the Key person will liaise with parents and develop individual care and development routines taking into account home care. All children will be encouraged to learn through play and explore through a wide range of sensory experiences.

The children will be supported to become active, inquisitive and independent learners by providing an educational plan based on individual needs and interests and providing a continuous provision approach to play. Key persons will continue to support the children and monitor their individual needs and interests.

We provide an environment where all children are safe by maintaining staff to children ratios, carrying out regular risk assessments and ensuring staff are trained to meet the health and safety of all children including safeguarding.


We respect parents as their child’s first educators and will listen and respond to any views and concerns. We will share and discuss a child’s development through daily feedback, sharing learning journeys, parent’s evenings, parent notice board and inviting parents in for activities.

We offer support and advice to families and work with and refer them to other professionals or services that may be able to offer them support.


We will meet all the requirements set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We will hold regular team meetings and training and development sessions.

We will develop individual training plans for staff which support qualification and continuous professional development.