• Sensory Room

The Sensory Room | A magical experience for young children

This is a truly inspirational area where children can enter their own magical world and experience some truly irresistible sensations. It is a kaleidoscope of fascinating moving colours and shapes, bubble tubes, fairy lights, images created by disco balls. For their added wonderment and increasing imagination, there are also soothing sounds and adventure to be experienced.

We all have ‘off’ days but, in the company of a capable mentor, our very young guests can relax in The Sensory Room and enjoy some essential peace and quiet ... something not readily experienced in the hustle and bustle of the main nursery!

The Sensory Room really is an oasis of relaxation and one that is vital for children’s emotional health. It is an area of rest and stimulation. Here, they can simply lie down and enjoy the magic, or engage enthusiastically in the more interactive areas.

Children with special needs discover a real haven here and the ambiance is specifically designed to encourage hand and eye coordination and the development of social and language skills. There is a comforting and calming atmosphere for the overactive or distressed child and the Sensory Room is particularly advantageous for children with sight or hearing problems, or for children with varying degrees of attention deficiency disorders.

The Sensory Room provides a peaceful and relaxed area; a perfect place for bonding between mentor or parent and child. Designed specifically for the very young, older children too make a bee line for this oasis of peace ... as do members of our staff!